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Total Solution for Car DVR

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[Introduction]Total Solution for Car DVR

1st solution:LP28021+6303+6252+3307+5203A+4890

LV Vcore GPU/IO/DDR Audio amplifier HV Syn Buck
LP6303:3A  Buck Class AB:LPA4890:1.2W LP6490:3.5A/40V
LP3219:2A  Buck Class D: LPA2100  25W LP6483/2S:3A/2A/36V 
LP3220:1A  Buck Class F: LPA2153  2*5W  
Pmos:LPM3401/3413/9435/4953/9021 LP5303 :2.5A 1ch:LP3992,3983S,3987H
Nmos: LPM3400/3414/9006 LP5300/1: 1.5A/2.5A LP1116,3990
N+Pmos: 9029C   2ch:LP2201/2203/2206
Charge Panel Backlight driver OTG
LP28501:3.5A ,16V HV Backlight: LP3382 LP62523H: 2.5A
LP4060/4055:0.6A  +/-5V Bias: LP3102 LP6252: 1.2A
LP28021:36V/1A Vbias: LP3316/LP6236QVF LP6236: 1A


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