LP3987H-Single Channel

产品型号 输出电流(mA) 输出电压(V) 静态电流(uA) 输入电压(V) PSRR(dB) 精度(%) 压差(mV@mA)(typ) 特征 封装 规格书
LP3987H 600 1.2/1.5/1.8/2.5/2.8/3/3.3 90 2.5-6.0 -65 3 360@600 High PSRR,Large Current SOT23-5

600mA,Ultra-low noise, Ultra-Fast CMOS LDO Regulator

General Description

The LP3987H is designed for portable RF and wireless applications with demanding performance and space requirements. The LP3987H performance is optimized for battery-powered systems to deliver ultra low noise and low quiescent current. Regulator ground current increases only slightly in dropout, further prolonging the battery life. The LP3987H also works with low-ESR ceramic capacitors, reducing the amount of board space necessary for power applications, critical in hand-held wireless devices. The LP3987H consumes less than 0.01µA in shutdown mode and has fast turn-on time less than 20µs. The other features include ultra low dropout voltage, high output accuracy, current limiting protection, and high ripple rejection ratio. It is available in the 5-lead of SOT23-5 packages.



 Portable Media Players/MP3 players
 Cellular and Smart mobile phone
 Sensor Module, RF Module



 Ultra-Low-Noise for RF Application
 2.5V- 6.0V Input Voltage Range
 Low Dropout : 360mV @ 600mA
 High PSSR:-65dB at 1KHz
 < 0.01uA Standby Current When Shutdown
 Ultra-Fast Response in Line/Load transient
 Current Limiting and Thermal Shutdown Protection


Marking Information

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