Class F Amplifiers

LPA2153-Class F Amplifiers
2.5-6.5Input Voltage(V):
EQ,Class FClass:
5W*2,6.2V@4Ω,10%Output Power(W):
1Output Channel:
XGain Control:
XShort Circuit Protection:
2Terminal Current(uA):

Filterless 2x8W Class- F Stereo Audio Amplifier

General Description

The LPA2153 is a 2×8W, class-F audio amplifier with EQ function for both channel. It offers low THD+N, allowing it to achieve high-quality Power Supply sound reproduction. The new filterless architecture allows the device to drive the speaker directly requiring no low-pass output filters, thus to save the system cost and PCB area. LPA2153 can display 2×8W output at 10% THD with 2 Ω load. When it provides 5V DC voltage, it can provide 2× 3.4W output at 10% THD with 4 Ω load. The efficiency of LPA2153 is much better than that of class-AB cousins with the same numbers of external components. The LPA2153 is available in ESOP-16.


Portable Bluetooth Speaker
Cellular and Smart mobile phone
Square Speaker



 500KHz fixed frequency switching for amplifier
 2×3.3W Output at 10% THD with a 4 Ω Load and 5V
PVDD for amplifier
 2×4.8W Output at 10% THD with a 4 Ω Load and
6.0V PVDD for amplifier
 2×8W Output at 10% THD with a 2 Ω Load and 6.0V
PVDD for amplifier
 Filterless, Low Quiescent Current and Low EMI
 Amplifier Efficiency up to 85%
 Free LC filter digital modulation, direct-drive
 Thermal Shutdown
 Few external components to save the space and
 Pb-Free Package


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