LP28400A-Switching Charger

产品型号 充电电流(mA) 输入电压(V) 电池电压(V) 电池节数 工作模式 温度检测 状态指示 特征 封装 规格书
LP28400A 1500 3.0-12 8.4,12.6 2,3 Switching Yes 1 USB Boost charge 2/3cells ESOP-8/QFN-16

2 cell Li-ion Battery Charge from 3V~12V

General Description

The LP28400A is a complete constant-current/ constant voltage switching charger for multi cell lithium-ion batteries. Boost + Linear charger work with a USB 2.0 compliant power IC assuring 2 cell Li-on battery charging. When the battery voltage is low, the charger works in linear operation mode. Along with the charging the battery voltage is higher the charger will transfer to Boost operation mode smoothly. When the battery voltage <6V, switch to wake-up current charging. Other features include charge current monitor, under voltage lockout, automatic recharge and a status pin to indicate charge termination.


 2 cell Li-Ion handheld devices
 POS device
 Bluetooth speaker
 USB powered devices



 Adapter Adaptive
 Input voltage range 3V~12V
 Integrated low side power MOSFET
 Simple structure and perfect transition between
Linear and Boost operation
 Programmable charge current and CV voltage
 Dynamic input current allocation for maximum charging rate
 Automatically switches to wake-up current when charging over-discharged batteries
 Over Current Protection
 Over Temperature Protection
 Consumption Available in ESOP8 & QFN16(3mm*3mm) Package
 RoHS Compliant and 100% Lead (Pb)-Free
 Programmable Charge Mode for 2cells,3cells or 4cells charging (QFN-16 package only)

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