Class D Amplifiers

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LPA2150-Class D Amplifiers
2.5-5.5Input Voltage(V):
Class DClass:
2*3W,5V@4Ω,Differential inputOutput Power(W):
2Output Channel:
XGain Control:
XShort Circuit Protection:
0.6Terminal Current(uA):

2x3Walts Class-D Audio Power Amplifier

General Description

The LPA2150 is a high efficiency, 2x3.0W class-D audio power amplifier. A new developed filterless PWM modulation architecture further reduces EMI and THD+N, as well as eliminates the LC output filter, reducing external component count, sys cost, and simplifying design. Operating in a single 5V supply, LPA2150 is capable of driving 4Ω speaker load at a continuous average output of 3.05W/10% THD+N or 2.6W/1% THD+N. The LPA2150 has high efficiency with speaker load compared to a typical class D amplifier. With a 3.6V supply driving an 8Ω speaker, the efficiency for a 400mW power level is 90%.In cellular handsets, the earpiece, speaker phone, and melody ringer can each be driven by the LPA2150. The gain of LPA2150 is externally configurable which allows independent gain control from multiple sources by summing signals from separate sources. The LPA2150 is available in space-saving SOP16 packages.


Portable Audio Speaker
Cellular and Smart mobile phone
Bluetooth Speaker



Unique Modulation Scheme Reduces EMI Emissions
Efficiency at 3.6V With an 8-Ω Speaker:
        − 90% at 400 mW
        − 82% at 100 mW
Low 5mA Quiescent Current
0.5μA Shutdown Current
2.5V to 6V Wide Supply Voltage
Shutdown Pin has 1.8V Compatible Thresholds
Optimized PWM Output Stage Eliminates LC Output Filter
Improved PSRR (−80 dB) Eliminates Need for a Voltage Regulator
Fully Differential Design Reduces RF Rectification
and Eliminates Bypass Capacitor
Improved CMRR Eliminates Two Input Coupling Capacitors
Internally Generated 750kHz Switching Frequency
Integrated Pop and Click Suppression Circuitry
ESOP16 Packaging
RoHS compliant and 100% lead(Pb)-free

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