LP3102-Panel Power
2.5-4.8Input Voltage(V):
±5.5-5.9Output Voltage(V):
300KSwitch Frequency:
±120mASwitch Current Limit(mA):
Low size,large current,OTP,OCPSpecial Features:

Dual Channel Charge Pump Power Solution For TFT LCD Panel

General Description

The LP3102 DC/DC converter integrates two low noise, high efficiency charge pumps for dual outputs, which consist of one inverting output and a step-up output. The device operates from 2.5V to 4.8V input, and provides a step-up output voltage (VP) of 2x the input voltage. The negative inverting output (VN) is -1x inverted from the positive output VP. The LP3102 is available in a small TDFN-10 pin package that features a bottom side exposed thermal pad to provide optimal heat dissipation. The small package size and low external parts count make the device ideally suitable for TFT LCD applications of mobile products. The device is rated to operate from –40 ℃ to +85 ℃ ambient temperature range.


Mobile Device, Smart Phone
Portable Media Players/MP3 players
Cellular and Smart mobile phone

Marking Information

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