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LP6291-Vcom OP
40Slew Rate(V/uS):
± 350ISC(mA):
± 100iout(mA):
1Ch Vcom OPSpecial Features:

High Slew Rate Rail-to-Rail Single Operational Amplifiers with OTP

General Description

The LP6291 is a rail-to-rail one channel operational amplifier with wide supply range from 6V to 18V. It provides 0.5V beyond the supply rails of common mode input range and capability of rail-to-rail output swing as well. This enables the amplifier to offer maximum dynamic range at any supply voltage among many applications. A 20MHz gain bandwidth product allows LP6291 to perform more stable than other devices in Internet applications. With features of 40V/μs high slew rate and 200ns of fast settling time, as well as 100mA (sink and source) of high output driving capability, the LP6291 is ideal for the requirements of flat panel Thin Film Transistor Liquid Crystal Displays (TFT-LCD) panel grayscale reference buffers application. Due to insensitive to power supply variation, LP6291 offers flexibility of use in multitude of applications such as battery power, portable devices and anywhere low power consumption is concerned. With standard operational amplifier pin assignment, the LP6291 is offered in a space saving 6-Pin SOT-26 package and specified over the -40°C to +85°C temperature range.


 TFT-LCD Reference Driver, ADC/DAC Buffer, Active Filter
 Office Automation, Wireless LANs, Portable Electronics
 Personal Communication Devices
 Direct Access Arrangement, Electronic Notebook
 Personal Digital Assistant (PDA)
 Touch-Screen Display, Sampling ADC Amplifier



 Wide supply voltage range 6V ~ 18V
 Input range 500mV beyond the rails
 Unity-gain stable
 Rail-to-rail output swing
 High slew rate 40V/μs
 GBWP 20MHz
 30MHz -3dB Bandwidth
 Ultra-small Package SOT-25、TSOT25、SOT-26、 TSOT-26 and TSSOP-8

Marking Information

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